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The Universal Principals Must Be Abided by in Using of Cutting Tools

Author : Date : 2011-12-7 19:40:21
The Universal Principals Must Be Abided by in Using of Cutting Tools
1)       Try to reduce the cutting tools quantity 
2)       Once the cutting tools installed ,it would not be taken off until all the part are machined which is capable to do 
3)       The cutting tools for rough and finish machine must be used separately ,eventhough their size and specification are the same 
4)       Always milling prior to drilling 
5)       Always taking finish machining on the camber prior to finish machining on plane face 
6)       Try to use the automatically tools-replacement function at any possible situation so as to improve productivity 
7)       The wear-resistance and precision of the cutting tools are significantly relatively with its price ,we must pay attention to that .In most situations ,when we select the good cutting tools ,even though the cost is increased ,bring hiking in machining quality and working efficiency ,so we can reduce the working cost badly .
In a word ,we select the cutting tools with good rigid performance and wear resistance according to the workpiece material ,its heat-treatment condition ,cutting performance and allowance, meanwhile it is the basic condition that we can fully play the CNC milling latches working efficiency and get satisfaction of the machining quality